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Information Security Management Policy

Management Policy

Information Security MAnagement Policy

Allied Integrated Management (AIM) is a diverse business which offers the services like such as cleaning; security; traffic control; pest control & civil works.

At AIM, we recognise that information security is one of the prominent aspects of the success of a business. Within our operations we aim to prevent and minimize the impact of security risks in order to support our employees, clients, customers and contractors, enhancing our reputation and support business growth in line with our strategic direction.

AIM staff utilise a range of software and ,associated hardware equipment to carry out their jobs effectively.  AIM has implemented a documented training, risk management and audit program to ensure the risks associated with the use IT related gadgets is appropriately reduced and or mitigated

To support this strategy, we have implemented an information security management system (ISMS) based on the ISO/IEC 27001 Standard. The ISMS detail our organisation’s direction and commitment to the security of information.

AIM is committed to:

  • Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information to guarantee that regulatory, operational and contractual requirements are fulfilled
  • Implement and conduct information security risk management to protect information and related assets from all threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental
  • Guarantee compliance with the current information security guidelines, laws and regulations relevant state/territory or federal
  • Encourage personnel to stay up to date with the latest security trends, regulations and procedures and conduct effective training
  • Ensure the availability, security and reliability of all the services we provide for our customers even if security incidents occur
  • Maintain and test business continuity plans
  • Review and re-evaluate our information security management system annually and/or based on any system changes
  • Protect the security management system against unauthorized access
  • Report and investigate information security breaches by our Project Director
  • Set, monitor and continuously improve our Information Security Objectives
  • Making continuous improvement a company value that also drive our IT systems

To comply with our policy, our staff will receive the required induction and training to enable them to follow our systems and procedures.

This policy will apply to all employees and contractors and is reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant to the operations and activities of AIM.


Amer Awad
Chief Executive Officer
Allied Integrated Management



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